Want to sing with Sound of Tennessee?

Sound of Tennessee rehearses each Tuesday in our location at the Church of God Leadership and Communications Center. For more information on rehearsal times and directions, see our directions page.

Sound of Tennessee is always seeking new members. You are not required to read music to join, nor to have experience singing. To join us, we ask that you take the following steps:.

  1. Attend three weekly chorus rehearsals
  2. Ask a chapter member (probably the mentor assigned for you to sing with) to sponsor you for membership
  3. Meet with one of our Directors, Chad Guyton or B.J. Tapke, for voice placement and assessment
  4. Your sponsor will assist you to complete your membership paperwork and get it turned it in to our Secretary

For further information, please contact us at (423) 464-6747 or send an email to info@soundoftn.org