Book the Sound of Tennessee Chorus for Your Event!

The Sound of Tennessee performs regularly in a variety of settings:

Consider booking the Sound of Tennessee for your event! Our repertoire includes music of many genres, including patriotic, popular, jazz, doo-wop, Southern Gospel, Broadway and Hollywood numbers, and more.

You may send an email to, or call (423) 464-6747 for more information. The following questions may help you in planning.

  1. What is the date and time of your event, and where will it be held?
  2. What kind of audience do you wish to entertain? Is it a special occasion? May we make specific announcements or recognitions for you at the event? Should we appear in formal attire or casual?
  3. How many chorus members would be appropriate for your event and venue? Our full chorus can be as large as 15 singers. We can also provide a quartet, a VLQ (very large quartet, perhaps 8 to 10 singers), or a smaller subset of our chorus.
  4. Are there particular songs or types of songs you would like for us to perform?
  5. How long would you like for us to sing?

Nothing adds impact to your event quite like the sound of men’s voices blending in four-part a cappella harmony. We look forward to helping you make the occasion memorable!